You guys!!! This wedding. These two precious hearts. Their families. And friends. Two worlds colliding. I absolutely cannot say enough good things!!! From the moment I met Naomi and Adeboye, I just fell in love with them and their love for each other! It was beyond evident. These two are SUCH joy and SO fun and you can just feel the life on them! Their wedding day style was unmatched. I loved their attention to detail. They have the BEST friends, from all over! Adeboye moved to the states from Nigeria, and to say that I adored his entire family is an understatement! They were dressed gorgeously in the most vibrant colors, and Rachel and I just wished so much we could pull off their style! And Naomi, she was unique, classic, relaxed, gorgeous, kindhearted, organized, and adaptable. DREAM BRIDE!!! Naomi, will you be my best friend haha?!! From their first look, to their precious ceremony led by Naomi’s father, to their gorgeous tent reception, I’m pretty sure Rachel and I cried like ten times haha! It was all just so beautiful, genuine and heartfelt. THANK you guys for allowing us to take part in your amazing wedding day!! Thank you for showing us a true example of authentic LOVE. Thank you for showing us that we are wearing all of the wrong clothes, and need to switch to BRIGHT gorgeous colors! Thank you for awing us with your UNREAL dance moves, and thank you sweet Jesus for not letting that golf ball hit me in the face haha!!!!! We have NO DOUBT that you two will crush this marriage thing!!! And we wish you years and years of joy and DANCING!!! Many hugs you two!!! Xoxoxo, Julia