Meet the Dream Team

This is us!! So, over the years we have been absolutely blessed to have many of our close friends become part of the Schilling Photography family! Not only are they amazing people, but they have extreme talent behind the lens, and a deep passion for photography and people! Though many personalities are represented, we all share the same values, style, and ultimately the same big 'ol heart!!! Read our individual bios down below!!

Jarod Schilling

Hey! What's up?! It's me, Jarod. I'm 36, going on 20, and plan on being a kid forever! I steer the ship here at Schilling Photography. Overall, I would describe myself as a pretty passionate person, although, I definitely like my fair share of laziness when the time is right haha! When I am not cliickin' pix, or staring at a computer screen, I enjoy hanging out with my wife and two kids. We love to watch movies together, vacation together, swim, fish, anything sports, and late night snack runs! I enjoy the whole fitness game, but often times, find one too many excuses not to participate! Fishing is what I enjoy doing most, outside of photography. If I don't have a camera in my hand, then most likely I have a fishing pole in it! Photography is definitely a full time job for me! Though, I always think the winter will be a downtime, every year it gets busier and busier!! People don't often realize the amount of work that goes into owning your own photography business! It's all day everyday most days. But, I love my job, and wouldn't change a thing! I am a pretty chill guy, and can get along with anyone that crosses my path. Most of my life is spent in shorts, tee shirts, and barefoot...but I can definitely put on something nice for a wedding! I am definitely an outdoors man, and often can be found rocking a pretty large beard! This life can get pretty crazy at times, but through it all, I rely on Jesus Christ as the anchor of my soul. I have been blessed beyond what I deserve in this life, and I intend to make the most of it!


Julia Schilling

Hello!!!! I’m Julia and i have the privilege of being wife to the boss man! Jarod and I have been sweethearts as long as i can remember and it my life’s joy being his wife and momma to our two sweet kiddos, Olive and Ezra. I have loved photography for a long time- all things creative really! I have loved being a part of this business for so long and it truly is a dream come true getting to do something we love and are so passionate about!! I love details!! I love the details of a wedding day or a photo shoot! Tiny glances, the perfect shoes, little moments that not everyone sees, I love the behind the scenes of photography! It’s all about the details y’all!! Random facts about me: I LOVE DISNEY!!! All things Disney. I love color. And rainbows. And sunsets. I love nature-especially trees and the ocean. I absolutely love music. Coldplay super fan for life. I’m usually the room mom. I absolutely ADORE my kids and husband and pup. Family is EVERYTHING to me. I have a deep rooted faith- the Lord has shown Himself SO faithful and kind in my life. I love gel manicures. I have lots of food allergies. I love fitness and health related anything. Bubble baths. Horses. The city of Chicago. Long walks. Christmas. The sound of the wind in the trees. Gosh. I love so much. I feel beyond blessed in this life. Each and every breath is a gift!!


Kristin Owens

Hellllllo! My name is Kristin Cline and I have been photographing weddings with Schilling Photography since 2010. I have an awesome husband named Andrew and an extremely fluffy dog named Pippin. (Pippin from Lord of the Rings, not the basketball player. Haha!) As far back as I can remember I’ve always been passionate about creating art… drawing, painting, sculpting, all of it! When I was blessed with the opportunity to pursue a career in photography with the Schillings it was a dream come true. Getting to be creative and gift people with photos that capture some of their best memories is something I truly cherish. What makes it even better is getting to photograph weddings with my husband. We got married in March of 2017 and it has added a whole new perspective to how I view weddings and relate to brides on their big day. I LOVE it! Marriage is beautiful and totally awesome!


Rachel Gierich

Hi there! I’m Rachel. I'm a wife, mama of three, follower of Jesus, and lover of iced coffee. I live the lake life in a small town in Central Illinois. I’m a nurse, but I currently stay home full time. When I had my first baby, I got myself a nice camera and started taking a million pictures. I discovered that I absolutely love photography! Fast forward 7 years, and here I am! I can’t really explain how I started to shoot for Schilling, but I do 100% believe it was Jesus opening a door at the exact right time- just as He does! I’ve been shooting for Team Schill for about a year now, and have just loved every second. I love weddings, but my passion is photographing families and sweet babes and mamas to be! It never feels like work to me, and that is what I absolutely love! I love to smile, the gym is my happy place, and I am a firm believer that leggings are pants! I love adventuring with my family, but home is always my favorite place.


Taylor Sanders

Hey there! I’m Taylor, and I’ve been with Schilling Photography since the summer of 2016. I married my husband in 2013 and we just welcomed a precious baby girl in May 2017. I love what I do, and being a special part of your day, by capturing those little moments in your day that you can look back on for years to come. In my wedding photos, I loved the detailed and intimate ones, and that’s what I want to bring to you! Being able to work along side these creatives at Schilling is a dream and absolute joy!