FIRST LOOK…this is one of our biggest tips!!! We highly encourage a first look! Meaning, we will put you somewhere beautiful to see each other before the ceremony. Yes. We know it goes against tradition…BUT the benefits are just so so good! Mostly, seeing each other before the wedding will ease your nerves!! And it is SO special…just the two of you (and our cameras haha)…able to really soak in the moment and talk to each other and just have that sweet special memorable time!! And trust us, NOTHING can replace the moment the bride walks down the aisle to her groom!! It is always the most special moment whether you have had a first look or not! Seeing each other before hand also makes the day so much smoother…photography wise. We can get the majority of the pictures done before the wedding!! This way your guests, and you, can just head over to the reception after the ceremony without any lag time in between! It also makes for a lot less to think about after the ceremony! You guys can relax knowing that all formal photos are done, and its just time to relax and enjoy your guests and the reception…and we will be there to capture the rest of the events from the sidelines! Moral of the story, First Looks are #bae…!!!