Do we photograph portrait sessions? Families, seniors, etc??

Yes we do!! We are incredibly passionate about each stage of life from babies, all the way up to weddings, and then babies again haha, and beyond!!! We love ALL types of photography!!

What should we wear to our session??

BE YOU!!!! That is our best advice!! Wear what you would normally wear!! If you want to be dressy, be dressy!! If you want to be casual, be casual!! Also, do not be TOO matchy matchy!!!! That can look a little overboard!! Mix patterns but keep a common color palette. Also, add in a little denim now and then! Look around at current clothing stores online and see how they have paired outfits together!! But mostly, stay true to who you are!!!! Accessories are also fun!!

How long has Schilling Photography been around?

Schilling Photography was started by Jarod's father over 35 years ago! Scott trained us in film photography, we all learned digital photography together, and then it was time for him to spread his wings and fly!!! Once he retired from the business, we took over and sort of re-invented things around here! We have poured our hearts into this company and we just love it to pieces!!

How soon will we have our photos after our session/wedding??

For Lifestyle sessions our turnaround time is typically one week. For weddings we usually say two week turnaround time!

Do we edit our photos??

Depends on your definition of the word edit!! We go through every single image and put our finishing touches on each image! By this we mean we make sure that each image is up to our standard.

When should we do our engagement session?

Anywhere between 4-12 months before your wedding day!! Think about if you want a summer look, or a fall look, or maybe a snowy winter session!! And book accordingly!

Do you have one or two photographers at a wedding?

We work in teams of two! We have a lead photographer for the day, and an assistant photographer as well! Capturing all of the details of your day!!

Do you photograph indoor sessions?

We do have a few locations that we can use for indoor photos. But we mostly ALWAYS recommend photographing outdoors!! Now we do love the look of our "in home sessions" and those would take place indoors, of course!

What do we do if it is raining on our wedding day??

Go out in the rain and dance!! Haha!! Seriously though, we have multiple spots locally here that we can go to seek shelter from the rain, and still get some amazing photos!! Usually too, the weather will clear for at least a little bit, and we can get out there quickly and do lots of pix fast!!

Do you travel for weddings??

YES!!! Absolutely!! We LOVE to travel and photograph in new places environments!! We typically customize a package for any of our travel adventure weddings! We LOVE to make those happen!!