Chicago, I love you! Just had to get that out there. So Im heading up 55, 2.5 hour trip, calling for rain, few sprinkles on the windshield, blah blah blah…. I arrive to Lincoln Park, where Sara and Kyle call home, and the weather is perrrrrrfect! So I pay my parking meter, meet the couple for the first time and it was like we were long lost friends. We immediately hit the street and got some pretty sweet stuff right round their hood. Then Sarah says, “I cleaned our place up just in case it rained so we would have a plan B.” I’m like, “Sweet, we should definitely try that.” Holy cow…. Their Lincoln Park loft  was a photog dream space! This was def a plan B that may as well have been a plan A-Z!!! 

THEN….Wait for it..…. Kyle breaks out his vintage 91’-92’ Bulls championship cap and it was OVER! Drop the dang mic! Its DONE!