“I absolutely love your work! How much do you cost?” This is a typically first line of of most wedding inquiries that we receive. I get it! I’m the same way with most everything I purchase. I mean let’s face it, life is expensive! And especially weddings (glad I only have one daughter). So you really need to know where your dollars are best spent. So the purpose of this blurb is to help you rest completely assured that a wedding booked with us is definitely money well spent. Often times I’ve heard wedding photography describes as an investment and I couldn’t agree more! I have been in this industry all my life. I was tagging along with my dad at weddings at 18 years old and photographed my first wedding when I turned 19. I have almost (but not yet ;)) 20 years of wedding experience. We have traveled all over the U.S. and abroad to help preserve eternal memories for so many beautiful people.

I have seen many photographers come and go. I have seen this industry hurt people, divide family, and ruin friendships. There is a lot of drama in this biz but I will tell you right now that we steer clear! We are in this profession because we have an immense love for people and our craft. If I could describe myself in a word it would be PASSIONATE. That is true of many areas of my life but none more so than my business. I take every email, phone call, and conversation personal. Every client I work with gets a piece of my heart! I don’t hold back anything from those who trust me to document the biggest day of their lives. I am thinking, planning, strategizing, and collaborating weeks ahead of your wedding to make sure your pictures are gonna be over the top ridiculously amazing!!! I LOVE MY JOB!

We take great pride in what we do and have a strong commitment to integrity and excellence. We are pioneers in the Central Illinois wedding industry. We are true to who we are and we don’t change just to follow the latest fad. Our work is described as romantic, artistic, whimsical and timeless. Our style is very simple and light. And we always work with a smile on our face 🙂 If this all sounds like what you want for your wedding day then we would love to chat! I’m sure we would get along real well 🙂