Well lets try this AGAIN! This is our second new website built in last 8 months, and let me say THIS….thank the Lord above for my wife, Julia! These last 4-6 weeks have been a technological Tsunami. We are in the absolute thick of wedding season around here, as well as post-season tournaments for our mini me’s on the ball diamond, and countless other side dishes warring for our time. So, Julia, took the reigns on this whole website catastrophe, and saw the light at the end of a long, time sucking tunnel from the get go. She took matters into her own hands with our previous web provider- who utterly and completely dropped the biggest ball ever, spent hours on the phone, multiple emails and live chat, made the switch and built this dang beautiful site! She did it! I did not! She told me what she needed from me, and then put her head down and went to work. This new site has her fingerprints all over it, and has really been long overdue. This site is US! We share our heart through text and photos. Please, as a viewer, take your time to look and read through all of the new site’s content. This new site is meant to show incredible and stunning imagery, as well as give you a front row seat to see who we are- by hearing our thoughts and heart felt beliefs. It is our belief that every potential client of ours deserves to know exactly who we are, and the value that we bring- before trusting us with their memories. I’ll tell you, building a website is no easy task. This is not some “click-it and pick-it site”. Julia has spent countless hours thinking, learning, and collaborating to make this internet portrait of who we are and what we do, so specific to US! A couple of my favorite new features on the new website are: the FAQ page, and the never seen before Bride Guide! Often times we get the same questions over and over from our peep. We really hope that the FAQ’s can answer some of our most asked questions and begin the trust building process! As most of you know, Schilling Photography has been around this wedding industry for quite some time (40+ years, pretty strong run). We bring a wealth of wedding experience and know how, and this creates value beyond what you can itemize on a price list. Our new Bride Guide feature will highlight some of our favorite wedding vendors as well as give you a glimpse of our heart for wedding photography. Definitely worth the read 🙂

Listen, this business is our life!!! It’s not like “our husband” or “our wife” has a full time job and this is some side gig for us. Photography is our “Full Time.” We eat sleep and breath creating a fabulous product and experience for our clients! So we did our best to create a site expressing emotion, expressing experience, expressing passion but most of all expressing US. This business is in my blood. Schilling Photography was handed down to me from my dad years ago, and I have every intention to give my kids that same option when my last photo has been clicked. I still got alotta gas left in the tank so hold your horses there little, Olive! 🙂 Olive, is Julia and I’s little dream daughter who you’d maybe rather have shoot your pics than me! hehe.

So to wrap this up….. It is my hope, that when you browse through this site, it would obviously strike a nerve- and be an all out sensory experience! Beyond that- I hope that it would light a fire in you to do a full sprint after your dreams and never to settle for a passionless life!
Love you all!